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Meghan Sterling, a white non-binary person with a close shaved head, raising their eyebrows and making a funny face.


Meghan, a white woman in round teal glasses, is hanging off the edge of a hammock and smiling.
Looking for WFH(ammock)

I’m a full-stack developer who is passionate about creative problem-solving and asking questions. I’ve worked across many frameworks and languages, but I truly love working with WordPress and finding new ways to leverage the power of blocks. I read and write documentation with enthusiasm, and am always ready to learn something new. I am fascinated by the logical process of programming regardless of framework or language. I love puzzles and coming up with creative solutions to problems, so I face challenging work with drive and excitement. I have a background in English Literature, which has given me an eye for syntax and the ability to perform self-directed research when encountering unfamiliar code.

When I’m not coding, you can find me hanging upside-down from an aerial apparatus, reading, playing video games, and hanging out with my two dogs.

I recently made the best impulse purchase of my life, and replaced my car with an e-bike, and have happily replaced commuting for adventures. I am interested in remote opportunities only.


The ADHD Aerialist

Custom WordPress Theme

Built on the same base theme as this site, I utilize the flexibility of the block editor, adding custom CSS to core blocks, and theming through theme.json in order to create a separate look and feel for my coaching website.


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Questions? I’m all ears!

A fawn pug and puggle both sitting and looking directly at the camera.